Hangars, prefabricated metal


Construction of hangars of sandwich panels

Choosing the material for the frame structures in buildings, especially pay attention to such parameters as ease, convenience and speed of installation, high performance acoustic and thermal insulation, relatively low cost. All these qualities have the sandwich panels used in the construction prefabricated buildings. The use of sandwich panels as walling in the technology of prefabricated buildings - a quality, modern and efficient way to build the walls and roof of the hangars.

Thermal insulation of a new generation. Quick installation and inexpensive price

 Sandwich panels - easy, "warm" material to save financial resources in the construction of frame structures hangars and significantly reduce the operating funds of construction. Construction of hangars of sandwich panels made using panels of galvanized steel sheet. Warm insulation layer panel is selected depending on the specific use of the building, climatic features of the terrain, load on the foundation and structural features. Warm and durable material, which consists of glass used in the construction of industrial and residential buildings - sheds, warehouses, vegetable stores, livestock farms. In some cases, it can also be used with sandwich panels of insulation foams , polyurethane , or polystyrene .

The advantages of sandwich panels

Fast terms of the construction of a hangar at the expense of ease of installation and no need for additional finishing. Environmentally friendly, allowing the use of sandwich panels not only as the walls and roof of the hangars, but also for the construction of buildings of the food industry and health care. The bactericidal action of sandwich panels ensures their resistance to aggressive chemical and biological media. Low load on the foundation due to the relative ease of metal structures and sandwich panels compared to traditional materials for construction: concrete, brick, wood. The low price of sandwich panels in prefabricated buildings technologies would allow to build the hangar with minimal involvement of labor and energy.


  A sample of typical pre-fabricated hangar under production hall with dimensions of 102m x 30m x 12m



  Dimensions 102 mx 30 mx 12 m;  It must be installed crane 10 tons;


Roof - profiled:
The walls - sandwich panels:
Meteorological conditions - maximum wind speed of 10 m / sec,
roof load of 50 kg / m2
The amplitude of the earthquake of 9 points on the Richter scale










unit of measure




Carcass hangar (support columns, beams, purlins, partitions, fasteners








 Wall panels (sandvich panels with glasswool  0.5 x 50 x 0.4. decking on the roof  0.5 mm steel. gates. windows. drains







transportation rw containers 40 HQ  20x40 feet conteyners