Lines of the production of nails

Line nails manufacturing equipment includes: orienting machine, unwind the wire nail making machine, nail polisher, new equipment can handle wire coils or waste steel wire, from 8 mm to 10 cm for the further manufacture of nails 0.9-15 cm We can offer Equipment in accordance with customer needs.

Nails making machine


Model VEKO 94-5C

The maximum diameter of 5.5 mm nails
The minimum diameter of 3.8 mm nails
The maximum length of nails 150 mm
The minimum length of 80 mm nails
Motor power 5.5 kW
Capacity 200 pcs / min
Dimensions 2500h1600h1500
Weight 2300 kg

 A single horizontal unwind wire

Model WSL550
The maximum diameter of wire 5.5 mm
The minimum wire diameter of 3.8 mm
Engine power 11 kW
Performance of 56 m / min



Nail polisher


Nodel SD-400
Dimensions 2000h1500h1400
Weight 700 kg
Motor power 2.2 kW
Capacity 400 kg / h