Water bottling lines

Bottling lines for drinking water



Line filling of drinking water in 19 L bottles with a capacity of 100 bottles per hour




  Purpose and brief description of the monoblock water filling:
Monoblock filling of clean water for the automatic disinfection, washing, rinsing, filling and capping bottles volume of 19 liters. Structurally, the machine consists of a stainless steel housing within which are mounted:
conveyor moving bottles
system wash and rinse bottles
Device loading bottles
sealing stopper unit.
Brief description of the operating principle of the monoblock:
All operations occur automatically within the insulated body and performed in several steps:
The bottle was set by the operator in the output tray. The conveyor stops bottles of each nozzle for sequential processing, which takes place in several stages (washing, rinsing with recycled water, rinsing product). At the end of the conveyor satellite, turning, throwing a bottle into the tray filling, which feeds it under the filling valve.
Alternately at two positions of the conveyor occurs wash the inner surface of the bottle using a heated detergent solution. The next two positions going back rinse bottle with water from the cleaning solution inside and out. Water is supplied to the injector pump, it flows from the bottle in (c) collecting sump and returned to the tank. final rinsing is performed inside the bottle filled products with a single nozzle on the same position of the conveyor. The following items shall be exempt from the bottle conveyor residual water
Poured a bottle of pneumatic cylinder moves under the cork; bottle, moving, removes the plug tray. Then the head is lowered and pressed onto capping plug on the neck of the bottle. Next move pushed the bottle plug on the output roller.
Basic information:
Capacity of 100 bottles per hour, Volume 19 l
The maximum height of 550mm maximum diameter of 300mm,
Table dimensions (L x W) 620x620mm
Mold thickness 380mm stroke 360mm form
Voltage 220-380V / 50-60Hz power 36Kw Electrical
Heating power 37Kw main machine (L x W x H) 2100x750x1800mm
Weight of main machine 900Kg Heater (L x W x H) 2700x700x1600mm

Washing / Filling / Capping

1 Maximum capacity 100-150 Barrel / H
2, Material: SUS304 stainless steel -Made in china
3, Power: 1.55KW

First step: Rinse soda inside
Second step: disinfection inside and outside
Third step: The use of recycled water inside and outside
Fourth step: rinsing with pure water inside and outside

4 head filling: 1
5, sealing method: cylindrical caps
6, Total size: 2800 × 560 × 1650mm









Semi-automatic blowing 19 liters bottles




1.1 Semi-automatic blowing 19 liters bottles
1.2 High pressure compressor 1.2M3 / 30KG
1.3 drier

1.4 cooler 





Water Treatment system




2.1 multi centrifuge pump
2.2 Sand Filter
2.3 Carbon filter
2.4 Soda water softener
2.5 Micro
2.6 RO installation
2.7 Ozone Generator
2.8 UV sterilizer




19L Packer




3.1 orienteers covers
3.2 washing, filling, capping
3.3 Tube Controller
3.4 conveyor
3.5 label checker